Lucid Bodywork Massage For Pain & Stress
Lucid is not a spa, but a healing space to connect with yourself. Here you will find a safe and nurturing environment to grow, heal and connect with the body. Lucid means translucence, clear in understanding and infused with light. You will find a Massage Therapist who understands, supports and listens to your needs. 

Pain and fatigue may occur when the body is feeling emotional or physical stress. I use warm stones to soften the tissue before working deeply into the muscle. I then use various massage techniques to assist the body with relaxing tight and sore tissue, which may restrict range of motion or keep you from doing the things you love. Not all bodies are the same therefore, not all treatments are the same. I will work with you to help meet your goals of decreasing pain or discomfort from repetitive stress injuries, rehabilitation needs, pregnancy or emotional stress.

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